The More You Bend the Less You Break

25 Sep


Lately I have been all about mobility. My philosophy when it comes to mobility is “the more you bend, the less you break!” Who knows more about mobility than Kelly Starrett. The first every mobility WOD #1 introduced the ten-minute squat test. I have found the ten-minute squat to be a valuable mobility tool for someone that doesn’t want to waste an hour stretching. Check it out and I challenge you guys to try to hold ten minutes a day! Thanks to Kelly Starrett for providing this valuable info.

YouTube Preview Image

PS. Do the squat while you are lurking FB or while on the comp. Makes it go faster!

Erik”Dirty” Alvarez

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    Erik Alvarez is the head coach at CrossFit Kailua and has been a crossfitter for 5 years. When not working at CrossFit Kailua he can be found frolicking in the forest with mythical creatures. He also enjoys keeping it real and has been known to keep it the realest.
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