The Importance of Mobility – By Erik “Dirty” Alvarez

11 Sep

Aloha Guys and Gals-

Not only is it all about having a legit training program, dialed in nutrition, and sweet CF gear; Gotta make sure
your mobility is on point especially during the off season. One of the ways to make sure you are staying limber is with a post workout mobility complex. I have my own which is a slight variation of this complex brought to you by our CrossFit friends at ONEFOURFOURONE. Here is a LINK ( to the PDF, which has photos and explanations of the stretches.

I have been stretching post workout for the past two months and I feel awesome! I challenge all those out there that are tired of having tight hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and anything else to do something about it! Let me know how the stretching is going. Also join us at CrossFit Kailua Sundays @ 8am for our awesome Yoga sessions.

See you in the Facility!


  • About Erik Alvarez

    Erik Alvarez is the head coach at CrossFit Kailua and has been a crossfitter for 5 years. When not working at CrossFit Kailua he can be found frolicking in the forest with mythical creatures. He also enjoys keeping it real and has been known to keep it the realest.
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