Paleo Skeptic Inspires Her Whole Family

23 Sep

Last Friday, September 14th, we officially ended the 45-day Fall Paleo Challenge and the results were ridiculously inspiring as usual. Syd has been inspiring her family and me for the last 45 days and I had to share her story with the rest of the community. Unfortunately, I couldn’t post her amazing before and after pictures due to her job policy but she was stoked with the results!


“When I first heard of the Paleo “diet” I thought it was another fad diet like the Atkins diet. I wasn’t at all impressed or inclined to try it. Plus, there was just too much hype: promises of better performance, improved mood and energy, better sleep, fat loss, etc.. If these claims were even partially true, then why wasn’t everybody eating this way? Why wasn’t the medical community touting this lifestyle.

Then I started to talking to people at Crossfit and hearing their amazing stories of transformation. Could this happen to me? I entered the challenge with a mixture of skepticism and hope. If I could just lose a little weight and improve my running, I would be happy. Well, 45 days later I am shocked and amazed at all the positive changes that have occurred. My skin is more clear and has fewer lines and wrinkles, my hair feels thicker, my teeth look whiter (I am not kidding). My stomach has flattened out, I have more energy than I did in my 20s, my mood is so much better, I no longer have sugar cravings or crashes in the late afternoon. Furthermore, my running has never been easier and I am actually getting stronger each week (I am beginning to see muscles that have been covered in fat for years). Best yet, my friends and family keep telling me how great I look and want to try “my plan.” I have a renewed sense of confidence and just feel so happy and energized every single day. This lifestyle has changed me from the inside out. Oh yes, and I have lost 15 pounds… Whoo hoo! I am never looking back. Paleo is more than a diet plan, it’s a way of life.

My whole family is now eating paleo, including my very skeptical step-father. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  My mom showed his diabetes doctor the
Paleo Solution book and the doctor said it is the ideal “diet” for him to follow.  Additionally, my brother, sister and her husband, and 2 of my step-siblings are also following this lifestyle now (mind you, they haven’t even SEEN me.  This is all based on reports of how great I am feeling and how well I am performing).

One last thing, I started feeding my 8 year-old son Paleo meals at breakfast and dinner.  I have recently been receiving emails and letters from his teacher advising that his focus, attention and performance have improved.  Not sure if it’s just coincidence, but it sure feels like Paleo is at the heart of this transformation.  He used to be the kid who would be fidgeting and staring out the window.  His test scores in reading comprehension have gone from 30% to 100% across the board (last 6 tests since paleo plan).  Coincidence?  I think not.

I could go on and on and on….  but I won’t.  There have been so many positive changes in my life.  For those who are still skeptical, I say give it a try.  If you don’t like it or feel better, go back to your old ways.  For me, it’s a no brainer.  Why would I ever go back?  I am “drinking the Kool Aid” and it tastes great!

Syd Fleming

Here is basic video on Paleo if her testimonial didn’t fire you up enough to try it!
YouTube Preview Image

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