Got gear?

28 Sep

Everybody loves their gear. Shirts, shoes, knee-high socks, jump ropes. Some of it is  pretty useful and serves a purpose, while other items just make us look cool. If you’re looking to add some more stuff to your gear bag, the following items are must-haves for any serious CrossFitter.

Wrist wrap

There are different types of wrist wraps. My personal favorite just happen to be the ones that are hot these days. Each wrap is one long strip of fabric with string attached to one end. These kind are great because they can be easily loosened and tightened during WODs. They provide excellent support for the wrist when taking weight overhead. Max overhead squat anyone?.

Weight belt

You might associate these with bodybuilders at the local globo-gym, but these are extremely useful when lifting heavy loads and can also be a good learning tool. They help stabilize the midsection and protect the lower back during heavy lifts. Using a belt will also help teach you to flex your abs and push your stomach out when lifting. Despite these benefits though, I recommend only using them when lifting near-maximal loads. Frequent use while working with light weight can make you lazy and reinforce bad habits.

Weightlifting shoes

Your shoes might be the most important piece of gear you own. Weightlifting  shoes will help you in multiple ways, particularly during squats and the olympic lifts. The raised heel allows the lifters foot to remain on the floor while the shin travels forward, therefore requiring less flexibility in the ankle. The hard, flat sole provides a stable base and will not absorb much force when jumping (during a clean, snatch or push press for example). These might be the most expensive item on this list, but they are a necessity for anyone serious about olympic weightlifting and a good pair will last years.

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