5 Serious Non CrossFit Fitness Info Sources

24 Sep
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If you read about CrossFit online it is easy to get into the habit of going to the same CF Sites like the CrossFit Journal, Mobility WOD, or CrossFit Football everyday. Just to bust you out of your routine and keep it constantly varied in your internet research I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite non-CF fitness related Sources of info online.

1-GymnasticsBodies Forum

Focus- Gymnastics

Coach Sommer is one of the best mens artistic gymnastics coaches in America. His forum is cool though because it is focused on gymnastics strength training for fitness minded people not just gymnasts.

Must read-
“Basic Ring Strength 1″ Thread

2-Starting Strength Forum

Focus- Barbell Strength Training

Mark Rippetoe’s book Starting Strength is a classic in the field of barbell training. In his online forum Rip is very active and very funny in his responses.

Must Read-
Anything Here-

3-Catalyst Athletics

Focus- Olympic Lifting and General Fitness

They have a very active community and tons of very smart posters in the forum. They take there Oly lifting serious here. If you check out the videos in the link below you can see some big lifts.

Must read (watch actually)-
Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Videos

4-Pose Tech Forum

Focus- Running and Endurance

First you have to resister to look at the posts here but it is worth it if you are into running at all.

Must Read (or watch again)
A link to a bunch of videos of the Pose Running Drills

5- Dragon Door Forums

Focus- Kettlebell Training

Believe it or not but back in the day this forum was bigger the CrossFit.com forum. CrossFit may have gone on to become waaaay bigger the Dragon Door now but there is still a ton of useful info to be found here.

Must Read (but it not in the forum)
They have a ton of awesome fitness articles to read

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