13 Sep


It’s that long, windy path we take surround by distractions like sparkly purple and red trees. While really cool to look at, they can lead us astray from our intended destination/goal/*insert inspirational noun*. For most of us in the gym, we all pretty much have the same goals: fitness, body composition changes, maybe some competition, and general all-around life ass-kickery. As we get sucked deeper and deeper into the CrossFit-lifestyle, it becomes really easy to be distracted by this program, that program, this fad, that fad, this shoe, that shoe, this lift, that lift, this technique, that technique, eat this, eat that… *head explosion*. You get the picture.

We’re surround by really trippy looking purple and red trees. So, how do we stay to the path? Easy. Short-term goals. Ones that are long enough to keep your attention, but short enough to satisfy that damning need for instant gratification. It’s pretty awesome being able to plan accomplishment/reward cycles. Ring the bell, get the treat. Here’s something to try next time you are in the gym, take a look at the Personal Strength Goal (PSG) sheet. For me, I’d suggest EVERYONE (in the Universe) choose the squat and a bodyweight movement (ideally the one that pisses you off the most). Get an honest assessment of where you stand on the continuum of physical prowess, and set your goal for the next level or two. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you as your work towards those two goals. It’s just two movements, but keep your focus laser-like. Attack dem shits every time you come into the gym, aggressively with raised fists and molotov cocktails. REVOLT AGAINST YOUR OWN PERSONAL STATUS QUO! Once we start knocking out these short-term goals, we can chat about medium and long-term goals.

Remember, the Death Star wasn’t built in a day, nor will our bodies and badazz biophysical enhancements. So, get on that path, enjoy the sparkly trees and other fancy knick-knackeries out there, but stay true to the course. You’ll thank yourself if you do.


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