Do you have a strong core?

23 Nov

Hey guys and gals! Hope all is good. I know how we like to talk about having a strong core is great for everything that we do. I stumbled on a program for that on the Dinosaur training blog. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Here’s a little schedule that will whittle away any excess fat on the midsection, while building plenty of strength and stability through the middle of the body. Combine this schedule with a diet built around eggs, fish, lean beef, fruit, vegetables, bottled water, fruit juice and low fat or skim milk (if you drink milk), and the results will suprise you:


After every training session, do the following, for two sets of 10 to 15 reps, with weights that make you work to get the required number of reps–

1. Hanging knees to chest or hanging leg raises (bring feet to top of bar if possible). If you wish, do these in a twisting motion. If you are strongenough, do these with Iron Boots.

2. Side bends with a heavy dumbbell.

3. Lying leg raises with iron boots, or leg scissors with iron boots.

4. Bent legged situps on an incline board, with a dumbbell plate held on the forehead or behind the head.

5. Twisting situps on an incline board, with the board set higher than in #4, using a lighter plate or no weight.

6. Hyperextensions with a plate or barbell held behind the neck.

Note: You can do these in a series, performing all five exercises with only a short break between each exercise, and repeat the series twice, or you can do two sets of each movement before moving on to the next exercise. The sequence method probably is best.

Further note: This program works best if you include plenty of squats (back or front style) and lots of Olympic lifting moves (snatch, clean and press, clean and jerk, etc.) The squats and OL moves will get your heart and lungs going, and increase your metabolism, leading to better health, more efficent use of the food you eat, and a general increase in overall condition. Anyone who does 45 to 60 minutes of heavy OL work and squatting 2x or 3x a week, followed by the midsection program detailed above, will build a lean, hard, strong and powerful body in a very short period of time.

Good luck and good training!

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