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02 Sep

My life revolves around the movement of the human body and everyday I try to help people improve that through coaching. Before every workout I have my athletes do a really good warm up to help improve their performance and it seems to help. But for many, even being warmed up properly doesn’t help them get into the positions that they need to be in to be epic. We try and try but still we can’t do certain things that many can do as far as moving in the workout. I first looked at Yoga to help me , which it did to a certain extent, then I found the Mobility Wod. After a couple months I was on the way to mobility glory. I know everyone wants to get better but just don’t have the resources, so check out Mobility Wod Blog and here are some videos to get you started. Have fun.

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    Richard was forged in the cave which we all call "CFO". Born and raised in Hawaii but did work in the Middle East and South Pacific looking for the bad people. Now I help change people lives through Crossfit and love every minute of it.
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