FGB 6 is almost here!

06 Sep

Aloha CF Family!
The days are winding down to the Epic FGB event. There will be pure pandemonium inside CFO as those who dare tackle the beast that is FGB do battle! Are you ready? Have you trained for FGB? Or are you just going to bite the bullet and go for it?! Do you have a strategy? 60 Box jumps or 60 Push Press ?(ASK LARGO ABOUT THAT ONE). I suggest maybe trying a little portion of the workout, possibly some time trials that might give you a sense of what it will be like. 60 Box jumps/60 Push Press are possible in a minute(i’ve seen it) but I don’t think i have ever seen more than 30 WB/SDHP/CALs. All reps are not created equal so formulate your game plan!! PS CLICK HERE to watch an oldschool vid of FGB4 @ CFO.

-Dirty aka Erik

  • About Erik Alvarez

    Erik Alvarez is the head coach at CrossFit Kailua and has been a crossfitter for 5 years. When not working at CrossFit Kailua he can be found frolicking in the forest with mythical creatures. He also enjoys keeping it real and has been known to keep it the realest.
  • Kendys

    Is there going to be a scaled version equivalent of an AV or SD for the fundraiser? 

    • Dirty

      Yup….we got ya covered!

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