9/11/11… A Hike for our Heroes

11 Sep

10 years later…  Today we commemorate a country changed by tragedy and threat to our liberty and way of life.  Around the country, Americans are taking today to honor the memory of the events and people of 9/11/01.  Within the CrossFit community, we are very familiar with the loss of our heroes and celebrate them in the best way we know how… To WOD in their namesake.  Thanks to the efforts of Marc Hino and Ty Yamaguchi, the Oahu CrossFit community, plus countless others of the HFD Ohana, not to mention the KHON2 news team, got to carry on the CrossFit way by honoring our fallen heroes through the physical efforts of our bodies.

On Sept 11th, 2011, through two separate heats, 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., over 100 individuals came out and hiked the Koko Head stairs (some multiple times), many donning weighted vests, sandbags, weighted packs, kettlebells, and gas masks, up and down each and everyone of those steps.  Pictures of each of the 343 FDNY members were worn around participants necks, with their names being said as individuals ascended up the heights.

Marc Hino described the significance as “On the morning of September 11th fire service members convene in high-rise buildings across the United States to climb 110 stories as a tribute to their fallen brothers. Some use air packs or carry hoses; many are in full turn-out gear; others are accompanied by rescue dogs. The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation sponsors these events in conjunction with local area fire departments. Several climbs have been modified to enable civilians to participate, and are generally held in outdoor venues. For both types of event, the 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb is not a race, but an opportunity to honor and remember the 343 FDNY members who selflessly gave their lives so that others might live.”

The participants had the honor of wearing these heroes up, and also bringing them back down the stairs, something they did not get to achieve as they gave their lives for our freedom.  It was impossible to walk away from this event untouched.  We were lucky to be able to honor those with this tribute hike, only getting a narrow perception of the magnitude of their ordeal. The events of 9/11 taught us how quickly and dramatically life can change. We are lucky in so many ways, value and respect each and every second, if not for your self, do it in honor of those who can’t.  Life is beautiful, go hard.



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    Fantastic — and a blast too!

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      Dude, your full name is “Tyrome”?

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