The Wisdom of Seuss

14 Aug

My love of the Seuss literary stylings runs deep. It’s unalloyed truth of the world, bundled in the wicked use of trisyllabic meter. He had the reason and could find the rhyme. With the visual and literal swell of indulgent colors and strangely gratifying twists of the tongue, decades later I still feel an unabashed affinity to the genius of Seuss. So in an admittedly feeble attempt to replicate his master rhymes and in the spirit of imitation is the highest form of flattery, the rest of this blog is done in the spirit of Seuss

“He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”
— Dr. Seuss

How true that be?
The pain of man,
From flat tires and callused hands.
From horns that beep, out on the street,
to bills that mount up in a tumbling heap.
At least it’s not far long ago,
where saber tooth tigers roamed to and fro,
Your only defense an arrow and bow.
What to do with snarliest gnarls and the grimiest gripes that grow and renew in this perilous life?
We have mountainous mountains and seaworthy seas
To climb and cross, oh the things to achieve!
Sometimes the stress of living this earth,
Too many things, more trouble then worth.
How do we do battle these biffles and baffles?
Triumph our way from sciffles and scaffles?
Survive all of them all?
From wake to sleep
Without a great fall
Well using the wise words of Seuss
By making your life it’s beastliest best
You’ll have the skills to pass any test.
But how do beast be, you ask in flurry?
Patience now, there’s no need to hurry.
A beast is brute strength, reflexes, and cunning.
It’s living the day, so each moment is full.
Boredom and sloth results in a lull.
It’s pushing your body, out goes the weak.
Attack this world, no room for the meek.
Living in each of moment of time
Not 10 years in the future
or 2 days 5 hours and 3 minutes behind
The beastly way of life
Is not rid of strife
But the beastliest beast refuses to hear
The doubts and worry that man often hold near.
A beast steps up to the plate
Facing the struggle, no matter the fate.
Fear is looked straight in the eye
Not always easy, a beast will not lie.
Trust in your instincts, you are a strong powerful you
Find the inner beast, is what you do.
So dear Seuss
Your words are so wise
They help us get through such tumultuous times.
Thanks for the reminder
A beast, so you say
Thank goodness we have CrossFit
We’re already on our way.

  • About Erica Mahina Lui-Kwan

    When Mahina is not all up in the gym working on her fitness, the fitness of others, or shoving fitness down the throats of her middle school students, she, armed with nothing but her inov8's and self-proclaimed sparkling personality, can be found on the treacherous path to awesomeness.
  • Gochubbykid

    I would not could not in a box,
    I would no could not with a fox,
    I was ready to eat my green eggs on a plate,
    But then I read Mahina’s blog and WOW…that’s great. =) 

    (loved it!)

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