Thank you CFO!!!

12 Aug

To CFO athletes and Coaches: I OWE IT ALL TO YOU!

I didn’t get past the headline of Mahina’s blog before the floodgates of emotions burst open. I was already overwhelmed by the love I felt from all of you before and during the Games. Mahina’s blog did me in.

There is simply no way I can ever express my heartfelt thanks to all the athletes and coaches of CFO who have supported, encouraged, coached and inspired me.
I have had time to reflect on the incredible opportunity I have just experienced. The memories will last a lifetime. What will always stand out, what I’ll never forget, is coming back to the Condo each night after competing and reading the thoughtful and considerate texts and Facebook comments from you.

Its not an exaggeration when I say that, you all have had a genuine impact on my life. The title of this blog is “I owe it all of you and its true, no way would I have been at the CrossFit Games without you, and in fact I wasn’t there alone, you were on my mind and with me in spirit throughout it all. I feel so fortunate to live the CrossFit lifestyle. Few people get to relive there childhood at my age and share it with young people, the likes of you. I am having way too much fun!

Please do me the honor of keeping Saturday afternoon and evening of September 17th open as I would like to host a Thank You CFO Party. Details forthcoming.

Aloha, Mark

  • About Bryant Powers

    Bryant Powers is the Founder and Head Coach of CrossFit Oahu. He has a CrossFitting since 2003 and learning about fitness his whole life. When not at the gym "BP" will be surfing the internet, learning random skills, and generally engaging in unsavory behavior.
  • C-line

    You had me at hello :) Mahalo, Mark.

  • Samuel Taylor

    Going to the CrossFit Games for the first time this year and being able to tell people in the stands I know you was an awesome experience! Thanks for a Great time! Can’t wait till next year! 

  • Jeff S

    Mark we were cheering you on up here in WA, Cheers! Great work!

    CLine – You rule too!

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