26 Aug

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share a great story with you. Our home girl Julie got her first bar muscle up and wanted to share here journey. 

My husband Robert introduced me to CrossFit in 2009, we started doing it in our university’s rec center, not only were we not well equipped for this type of workout we also had no coaching. Neither of us had received any formal coaching until the Army sent us to a little island in the Pacific. Once here, we got plugged in with Bryant Powers and Aaron Chateaux, both huge influences for us and pushing us to be better.

Of course like any crossfitter there are goals we kill ourselves to achieve. On my list were things like kipping pull-ups, 10 push-ups without dieing, 65# OHS. Muscle-ups were always out of reach in my mind. Having surpassed all those, I set my sights on goals like: completing workouts as prescribed, handstand push-ups, chest to bar and finally the coveted muscle-up.
The biggest driving force behind my CrossFit is the hope that one day I’ll destroy Robert in a workout, I don’t care which one, I just want to kill it. I also had the opportunity to go to the CrossFit Games this year, and by the end of it I was itching to get back to the island and back in the gym. Watching all these amazing athletes destroy themselves for a title is truly amazing to watch. The muscle-up became mentally possible to me when watching a woman competing in the Masters division get her very first muscle-up during the event. You could see in her face she wanted to stop and do her “happy dance” but there was a WOD to get through. I had it made up in my mind right then and there that I would get it.
“Go ahead you get a 30 second happy dance,” Richard Largo said after I had just completed my first bar muscle-up. Please believe I took up every second of that! I had been working for 4 months on progressions, with bands, and breaking it down. All it took was Largo taking away my band and telling me to, “go, do it.”
As crossfitters you can relate to the feeling of getting an element you’ve been working for. Getting frustrated when it comes up in a WOD and you have to scale it because you’re not quite there yet, then when you finally get it you feel bulletproof, ready to take on the world. The curse of CrossFit is what makes it great, you can’t ever just be happy with where you’re at. There’s always that next level, higher weight, element you have to conquer. Muscle-up, DONE! Bring it on!

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    Richard was forged in the cave which we all call "CFO". Born and raised in Hawaii but did work in the Middle East and South Pacific looking for the bad people. Now I help change people lives through Crossfit and love every minute of it.
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