Introducing the 5 Elements of Strength

23 Aug

Aloha CF Family-
I have not resorted back to my old ways of the picture blog yet! To follow up my accommodation blog I bring you guys the breakdown of Strength(thanks to Louie Simmons). I found this interesting!

There are 5 Elements of Strength:
1. Quickness
2. Explosiveness
3. Speed-strength
4. Strength-speed
5. Absolute Strength

Louie Simmons has this to say about the 5 Elements of Strength:
“This is much like a five-speed transmission in a car. We all know what happens if you miss a gear or take off in the wrong gear. Your car doesn’’t run very efficiently and neither will you. One must learn many methods to develop special strength and when to use them. You must also know your sports’’ goals. In some sports, speed is foremost and absolute strength is secondary. Both are more closely related than you think.”

Real Life Adaptation-
In the 1970s a Group of Elite Lifters in the Soviet Union found that out that as the squat, good morning, back raise, glute ham raise, or special pulls got stronger, so did their Olympic lifts.


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