Dear Mark, Love CFO

01 Aug
4th Fittest Man in the World Over 60! And he belongs to us!

Dear Mark,

First and foremost, you are such a stud. Although you are still probably reeling from the mental, physical, and emotional brevity of the 2011 CrossFit Games, we wanted to use this as an opportunity to explain how deeply you have affected all of us at CrossFit Oahu.

Anyone who has ever trained with you or around you, or has seen the stringency in your nutrition, the meticulous efficiency of your training log, knows that you are the stuff that true competitors are made of. You are the type of athlete we all aspire to be. Your dedication is near un-paralleled; we envy that, and use you as a blueprint on how we ourselves can live up to our true potential.

You have achieved the dreams of literally thousands of people around the world. It’s way more than any of us could ever dare to even fathom. Yet Mark, you have attained such an incredible feat with a genuine air of humility and grace that is a rarity in not only competitive sport, but in this world altogether.

The thrill of watching you compete, even as we cheered you on from in front of our computer screens from the middle of the pacific ocean, made this games extra special for us all. We were all there with you in spirit and heart. Thank you letting us live vicariously through you for an entire CrossFit games. We got to live out the dream through you! And honestly, we couldn’t think of anyone else we rather have done it from. It has been a heartfelt honor to witness you on this road to the 2011 CrossFit Games. Your accomplishments astound us, we are beyond proud of your performance.

Thank you for being our hero.

Love and Aloha,

CrossFit Oahu

  • About Erica Mahina Lui-Kwan

    When Mahina is not all up in the gym working on her fitness, the fitness of others, or shoving fitness down the throats of her middle school students, she, armed with nothing but her inov8's and self-proclaimed sparkling personality, can be found on the treacherous path to awesomeness.
  • Jason Ryan


    I think Mahina absolutely hit it on the nose.  People like you is why I wake up in the morning and fight through the traffic just to get to CFO (although often a few minutes late…).  I’m very proud to have you represent us at the games, and to have done so well!  I hope you’re having a great time in…..Vegas?  Rest up brother, you deserve it.  Looking forward to working out with you again when you get back, joking around, and err, maybe stealing a bit of your breakfast.

  • Karl

    Outstanding job Mark!  I know you wanted to do better but you are an inspiration, keep it up and be proud of what you accomplished this year.

  • Carolina

    Mahina, well said.  You could not have expressed our sentiments better. 

  • Gochubbykid

    I think we need a WOD named “#600″ . Bryant, Mark I leave you to your devices.

  • Gochubbykid

    I think we need a WOD named “#600″ . Bryant, Mark I leave you to your devices.

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