“Primal Po10tial” Nutrition Challenge and Prep Clinic

28 Jul

Challenge yourself!

The upcoming nutrition challenge approaches fueling from a very different angle than past challenges. While we still think a Paleo style of eating is the best pathway to optimal health and performance both in the immediate and the long term, we also acknowledge that changing the way you eat is a journey. It is our experience that athletes transition the way they eat not in just 30 or 60 days, but overtime as they experience new challenges, realizations, personal experiences, successes and failures.

The food we eat usually falls somewhere in the spectrum of “worst shit you could ever put in your body” to nutrient-rich fuel that makes you feel and perform at your potential. This 45 day point-based challenge is structured around that view and the perspective of the food journey. Not only does every person have a somewhat unique relationship with food, but also different goals, lifestyles, food skills, and many other connections to what they eat. This challenge allows each athlete to choose a level of commitment that will help them make positive changes with confidence.

Upload all of the Rules and Guidelines for the “Primal Po10tial” Challenge here!

Important Dates

Challenge Prep Clinic:
Friday, July 29th at 6pm
Learn more about clean, foundational eating, along with how the point system and “challenge” works.
Cost: $10 (waived if you join challenge)

Measurements and Pictures:
Saturday, July 30th 10am-1pm, Sunday, July 31st, 9-11am, Monday, August 1st anytime (appointments if necessary) at CrossFit Oahu. If you are not on Oahu and want to participate, you will need to send your measurements and pictures to courtney@crossfitoahu.com by August 1st.

Challenge Start:
Monday, August 1st

Challenge End:
Wednesday, September 14th

Cost = $50 ($10 to the pot for cash prize)
Sign up and pay at the CFO front desk by August 1st.

Choose a Level:
1. Eliminate all refined and added sugar (or choose any one level above)
2. Eliminate Grains/Gluten and Soy (includes corn & beer)
3. Eliminate Legumes, Beans and Lentils
4. Eat full fat dairy only
5. Cook with animal fats/coconut oil
6. Eliminate starches (potatoes, rice, squash)
7. Eliminate all dairy (heavy cream, butter)
8. Eliminate all alcohol
9. Limit fruit to 2 pieces a day
10. Eliminate nuts and added salt

  • About Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson is one of the original (2006) CFO members and has been coaching for over 4 years. She is also a Registered Dietitian and has special "Paleo" powers. When not at the gym, "Coco" enjoys the beach, reading, volunteering and the island life.
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