Group Elements Starts Tonight

06 Jul
1st kailua

Aloha CrossFit Ohana!

We are Open!!!
In case you’ve been living in the pain cave for the past couple weeks or been out of the loop all 3 Locations are now up and running(Oahu, Waipio, Kailua). Stop by for the Free intro week which is currently going on, bring a friend even!

Group Elements is Tonight.

Group Elements starts tonight at all three locations @7pm!!  This is a great chance to become introduced to the CF methodology and movements while working with an awesome group of people!  Come by and join tonight @ 7pm at the location of your choice!

Thanks Again

The community is what makes Crossfit so awesome! Thanks again to all those who have shown support and share the same passion in fitness as we do!

If you have any questions hit us up in the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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-Erik (DIRTY)

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    Bryant Powers is the Founder and Head Coach of CrossFit Oahu. He has a CrossFitting since 2003 and learning about fitness his whole life. When not at the gym "BP" will be surfing the internet, learning random skills, and generally engaging in unsavory behavior.
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