31 Jul
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It’s that time of the year!!!

It’s time to start prepping for the 1st Annual CFO Fantasy Football League! With the lockout over, football is nearly upon us. It has been a goal of mine since last season to establish a CFO Fantasy Football league. Whether you’ve been watching football for 20 years, a fantasy league veteran, or never watched football before in your life, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a competition amongst friends that doesn’t involve barbells or burpees. I used to not be interested in football at all, until I was pressured into playing fantasy football with some coworkers a few years back. It was some of the most fun i’ve had not involving the olympic lifts or paleo ice cream. If you don’t know how to play you have nothing to be worried about. You can learn during the informational meeting.


THE FOLLOWING IS IMPORTANT. If you are interested in participating I need you to either comment or talk with me directly at CFO. I’ll be making a sign-up sheet and will put it at the front desk. This serves two purposes: to figure out the prize structure and how to form the league. Each league can only have 8-12 players so if we get more than that we will split up into multiple leagues and have a cross-league playoff for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Price: $15 buy-in
When: Informational meeting on Sunday, August 14th, 12:00 at CFO

Rejoice friends, Football is Back!

  • About Jonathan Waltz

    CrossFitting since 2009. Worked at CFO from 2010 to present. Changing hearts, bodies, and minds.
  • Luis Santiago

    So, being the FNG in elements at CF Kailua, can I take all your mone… participate in this thing call Fantasy football?

  • Jonathan Waltz

    Sure Luis, just gotta meet up for the live draft which will be scheduled at the meeting the Sunday. I’ll keep you posted.

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