A Really Grand Opening

09 Jul
GO Waipio

On July 3rd 2011, Crossfit Waipio opened it’s doors to the public. Prior to the Grand Opening, there were sneak peaks, videos, and free intro workouts leading up to this day. Before the first official “W.O.D.” was announced, there were a few announcements that were made by owner Bryant Powers, then head coach Richard Largo. Special Thanks went to certain people that were instrumental to the building of Crossfit Waipio.

“Let the W.O.D.” Begin!

Everybody was excited and nervous about the workout. It was a great mix of people that were new to Crossfit and members wanting to be a part of the festivities. 30-40 people showed up in attendance for the Crossfit Waipio opening day W.O.D. Since there was enough people who showed up for the initial workout, we partnered everyone up and had an awesome session together!

Robson checking out the new gear

After the next 12 glorious minutes, the workout was over…There were a lot of high fives, chest, and fist bumps going all around. After the dust settled, the smiles and the workout analysis commenced at the end of every other Crossfit workout. Throughout the day, people hung out, ate, laughed, and continued to talk about Crossfit and the endless possibilities of Crossfit Waipio. The Grand Opening was a Great SUCCESS! We were very excited to see where we will be going within the next couple of months.

A special Thank you goes to EVERYONE who came out and supported. Check out more photos form the grand opening here

And we are just starting

Just a reminder, we still have open spots for group elements too.

For information call our front desk at Crossfit Oahu, or Facebook page: Crossfit Waipio.

So what suggestions, ideas, comments do you have for the future of CrossFit Waipio? Let us know in the comments.

Largo via BP

  • About Bryant Powers

    Bryant Powers is the Founder and Head Coach of CrossFit Oahu. He has a CrossFitting since 2003 and learning about fitness his whole life. When not at the gym "BP" will be surfing the internet, learning random skills, and generally engaging in unsavory behavior.
  • Rladybugsis

    I went to a class for the first time today and what really drew me in was that you offer Olympic style weightlifting. Then some students said you do not offer it in Waipio….yet. Really hope you add that there! Otherwise enjoyed my workout! Thanks!

    • http://CrossFitOahu.com Bryant Powers

      R- We will have Oly lifting in most of the CF workouts we do but we are figuring out the times for an Oly only class if that makes sense. Just let us know when would be good for you so we can shoice the right times.
      The kilo plates and such come in this next week so much lifting will happen for sure!

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