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A fitting way to end our first work out ever as CrossFit Oahu way back in 2006.
80+ CrossFitters showed to get a free Glow in the Dark Tee Shirt at a 2am MIDNITE Workout event we hosted. People are crazy for shirts!!
Our Staff at the CrossFit Level 2 Cert. The national average to pass was less then 30%. We had a 80% pass rate!!!
3,2,1, Go!! The black mat is setting for many of the CrossFit adventures worldwide.
Barbells for Boobs was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. Somehow the pink wigs just showed up.
Hanging out after a class at our old Unit #9 facility.
A sketch of my plans for CrossFit Oahu before a year before we opened!!
This was the Hawaii CrossFit Games Sectional Event where athletes could compete in CrossFit for the Weekend

What the heck is CrossFit Oahu about??

Measurable, observable, repeatable results are our favorite aspect of CrossFit. This is the part that makes us love coaching you so much. Seeing people healthier, happier, and improve is what CrossFit Oahu is all about, and makes it easy for us to wake up and go to work everyday. We focus on the following things to get results:

Expertise in Coaching

Our coaches are continually looking to improve their teaching skills and become more well-rounded. Most of our coaches are full time, and all of our coaches are passionate about CrossFit and helping our members improve. With members depending on us for results, we strive to have the best coaching staff on island. If you would like to learn more about our staff you can read about us here. here.

Building a Fitness Based Community

Going alone sucks. Luckily, we keep attracting awesome members to CFO. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced you will have support. Every day coaches will interact, learn, and talk with all of our members. On top of this, members cheer, support, and share horror stories with each other as well. We proudly highlight member’s accomplishments online, big or small.

Edwin and Carolina have been members for years.

Having Fun

This seems like common sense to us but fitness shouldn’t be cold, clinical, quiet, and boring. Life is too short. We like loud, exciting, and memorable. We are continuously hosting events (CrossFit Prom, Midnight workouts, BBQs), doing theme workouts, and anything else we want to spice it up. We will go to extreme lengths to make our member’s ideas for a good time come true.

CrossFit Oahu History

The birth of CrossFit Oahu started over the internet in 2005. Bryant Powers had been doing CrossFit for a couple of years and thought nobody else knew about it back then. Always on the lookout for a training partner, Bryant was thrilled to link up with fellow CrossFitters, Craig and Hollis via the CrossFit.com main website. They would get together in an old fashioned garage gym or park and knock out a WOD.

Park Workouts

As crazy as it might seem, there actually was a time when there weren’t any local CrossFit affiliates. Bryant, Craig, and Hollis thought it would be cool to start a park workout group. The first official CrossFit Oahu workout was at Kapiolani park and two people showed up! For a while workouts were hosted once a week (aptly named “Pain in Paradise”), but people wanted more. We added twice-a-week garage workouts in Craig’s garage in Kunia. The neighbors must have thought they were crazy doing olympic lifting in the driveway, box jumps on the ledge, and sprints to culdesac out back!

Unit 9 a.k.a Our First Home

Somehow we developed a pretty loyal following between the park workouts and the garage, so Bryant and Craig decided to take the plunge and get a lease. Thus Crossfit Oahu was unleashed on Honolulu. We became the 50th CrossFit affiliate in existence; contrast that to the thousands that exist today. The location we chose was 1321 Hart street on the 2nd floor of the D.Otani building. In hindsight, putting a facility on the second floor of a building with 3 parking stalls was a crazy move but you live and learn. We lovingly built out our 1300 square foot box and added class after class as we began to fill them up. The community of friends that developed was amazing but with all the growth the location was not a good fit for us. In fact, the landlord let us out of our lease to search for a new home!

A Big Box

YouTube Preview Image

Moving into CrossFit Oahu’s current home was a huge jump, to say the least. At around 6500 square feet, it was and still is one of the largest CrossFit affiliates out there. It has taken awhile but with the help of our awesome community we have been able to bring many of the ideas our members wanted to this facility: classes seven days a week, awesome events, olympic lifting programs, kids cage, and all the equipment you could need. It’s been great. Moving also allowed us to bring many of the coaches that you know on to our team.
After some time in our new home we ran it a problem we never thought would happen. CFO was too crowded at times! In keeping with our big radical move-making style, we decided it was time for change.

One Membership, Five Locations

In order to continue to help spread CrossFit and grow, we branched out with two new sister facilities, CrossFit Kailua and CrossFit Waipio in July of 2011. They quickly grew and established their own solid foundation of members. CrossFit continued to gain popularity with the general public, especially with the help of the ESPN televised CrossFit Games. We were getting slammed with phone calls and email inquires on how people could get started, so we decided to continue with our expansion plan and open two more sister facilities, CrossFit Kaneohe and CrossFit Pearl City. Classes officially opened up at these brand new facilities this past September, 2012.

What About the Future?

Honestly, many of the “innovations” we have become known for have started as idea from our members. Let us known what is good, bad, ugly and we will listen and adjust! We promise no matter how much we grow to keep a focus on real fitness, continue to be experts at what we do, deliver real results, keep a tight knit community, and have fun while doing it!
If you have made it this far I thank you for sticking with it and will see you on the black mat!

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